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Friday, 29 May 2015

The Bay Gower, South Wales by Pa-pa

On one of my regular visits to one Gower's Stunning Bays this week, I was surrounded and quite overwhelmed by the beauty of our Coast here in South Wales and I felt compelled to start writing. I am no author but I thought I 'd give it a go and share my day with you....Phillippa Davies 

Through fields tall with sweet new grass, stand worn wooden styles and crumbling stone walls stickered with lichens.

Tis the sweet coconut smell of the gorse on the steep cliff path ahead, golden yellow and needle green leaves that welcomes the arrival of summer. Dusty and dry cracked veins appear in the soil following the decent into the bay. 
Rabbit burrows fresh with droppings cushion the side of the narrow path where the skylarks chirp and flutter up high in the canopy of blue, in competition with the  the songs of the sea. 
The salted air is greeted with a smile. I am at its level now . 
As it breathes its way over the rocks and sand on the incoming tide, the swish and swirl of the salt water grinds its way through crag and pool carrying foam and bubbles to caress the skin of the limestone rock, pimpled with barnacles. 
Anemones shine like garnets jewelling the bottom of the rock pools , limpets stand firm and stubborn  in their armoured shells. Beaded seaweed sways back and forth, up and down, up and down to the breathing rhythm of the cooling sea.
The sea tosses her fringed waves carelesly over the rocks, each roll of swell battling  to get closer to me. 
I am perched now upon the slabbed point looking out across a wind blemished sea. A ganet dives confidently spearing its way into the deep in search of prey.  Beak empty up and away moving west she soars.
The wind turns north and licks my cheek with unwanted affection.  

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