Ocean inspired jewellery

Monday, 20 May 2013

Starfish necklace and starfish bracelets by Pa-pa

I huge amount of starfish were washed up after recent storms at LLangennith Beach a few weeks ago. The tide mark was full of starfish and sea potatoes, edible shore crab and whelks.. I have a number of starfish designs in silver and gold to share with you. see more at http://www.pa-pa.co.uk/threecliffs.cfm
The first is a silver one off starfish with turquoise necklace and starfish earrings.


Starfish necklace with hematite and barnacles.

Starfish ring with gold detail.


Oystermouth oysters, Mumbles, Swansea in silver by Pa-pa jewellery.

Oystermouth, Mumbles at the westerly end of Swansea Bay was home to an ancient oyster farming industry dating back hundred's of years, famous worldwide for it's tasty shellfish in the mid 19th century.
The oyster farmers of Oystermouth in the 1860's used 'skiffs', locally designed boats with a dredge attached to the bottom of the boat raking the shellfish from the beds below. Having overfished the area for hundreds of years the industry unfortunately collapsed.
There is talk of a new and exciting developement for the area however. Proposals have been put forward for a Swansea Bay lagoon which could host a variety of marine sports, conservation and education zones and a renewed interest in oyster and mussel shell farming along its lagoon beds.

This most recent design in solid silver and pearls is a celebration of Oystermouths world renowned oyster industry and will hopefully mark its return with the new 2013 proposal.
Adjustable in length to 24 inches this piece can be worn high uopn the neck doubled up or it can hang at its full length at the waist. See more at http://www.pa-pa.co.uk/swanseabay.cfm