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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Gower beaches

 Gower sunset from the ledges of Rhossili cliffs. A common grey seal was hunting close to the rocks.

Celebrating Gower for 2012 - Rhossili's Worms head landscape silver necklace with diamond. see more at http://www.pa-pa.co.uk/orig.cfm
With the beautiful weather around Gower for the last two weeks I have been out and about exploring the coast of the Gower beaches. I have been rewarded with discoveries of masses of dog whelk egg cases, Purple and yellow pip shells and hundreds of nomad worm sand tubes. 
The may algae was in full bloom two weeks ago, with mounds of floating foam swashing up over the sand at Llangennith Beach.
With sadness I came across the carcass of what I believe to be of a harbour porpoise washed up with the high tide with what looks to be boat damage to its dorsal fin.
Wild ponies at Gypsy fields, Llangennith, Gower grazing in the summer sun.