Ocean inspired jewellery

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Mermaids have facinated me since I was a very young child. Holidays abroad were spent in our local swimming pool all day long with my sisters, competing for who could hold their breath for the longest under water. Mastering the skill of sitting motionless on the pool floor for what seemed like ages and swimming submerged for long distances, I became convinced at an early age that I had the ability to breath underwater! I am sure that the TV programme 'The man from Atlantis' had much to do with my imaginery abilitiy.
With inspiration from fond memories and dreams of my underwater exploration I more rececently created a small collection of limited edition silver mermaid's. http://www.pa-pa.co.uk/orig.cfm
Mermaid necklace with real triplet opal set. 
Mermaid cuff bracelet with labradorie stone set.

Sitting mermaid pendant in silver with round labradorite set.