Ocean inspired jewellery

Friday, 15 April 2011

Dolphins on Gower?

Our visit to the long sandy stretch of Beach at LLangennith, Gower today was full suprises. On our approach to the beach it specled with rain and we were sure our day was going to be a shortened one. As we came over the brow of the hill the clouds opened up to reveal a stunning blue skyline over the Bay. A few ft of surf satisfied a craving for a few waves and a stroll along the sand showed evidence of a 12 meter tide  and many whelk shell egg cases.
I was saddened to have discovered this skelenton at the high tide mark. A small porpoise, dolphin or seal. Can anyone identify it for me? There was no skull and it was pretty much devoid of any flesh.

A lizard baked himself in the afternoon sun in the marram grass of the sand dunes. 
A lizard baked himself in the afternoon sun in the marram grass of the sand dunes.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Dolphin jewellery

As the clocks went back to mark the start of British summertime a pod of bottlenose dolphns were seen off the Pembrokeshire coast at Cardigan bay. The last time we spotted dolphins was at Three Cliffs on Gower last summer on dusk. We were in a rib about half a kilometer out to sea and we were lucky enough to see a mother and tiny baby calf  only for a few minutes while they came to the surface to breathe.

These handcrafted dolphin jewellery designs are inspired by a pod of dolphins, playing like children in the waves. Breaking the surface of the water their bodies glistening in the sunshine, then disappearing down into the clear waters of theWelsh coast.

Silver dolphin necklace £75.
She is 7cm long from the dolphins nose to her tail and hangs on leather
New solid silver dolphin ring £65
Dolphin jewellery collection www.pa-pa.co.uk/dolphins.cfm

I was fortunate in 2007 to swim with a wild dolphin on the West Coast of Ireland at a remote stretch of coastline. Myself and my husband were overwhelmed by the playfulness of this beautiful dolphinl. At one point the female dolphin finned down to the sand below and lifted a piece of plastic waste from the ocean floor and presented it to me one the end of her beak not more than twelve inches from my mask. With tears in my eyes I realized I had witnessed something truly ashtonishing.
Silver dolphin necklace commission a similar piece from £165