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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gower tides lowest for thirty years

A long walk along the beach from Mewslade, Gower accross to  Fall Bay and out to Tiers piont this friday was a rockpooling paradise. The tides around the British Isles were the lowest they gave been for thirty years this weekend. The glorious sunshine on friday made for a wonderful exploration of  a reefy landscape normally unexposed by higher tides. The rocks were covered with  battered and broken stems of brown kelp, evident of the winter swells of recent weeks that had torn apart these seabed forests. Looking out towards Worm's Head, as the tide dropped back even further, the rocks were supprisingly flat beneath the westerly face of Tiers Point. From Tierspoint  looking out to the east, the rocks are  mixture of five foot deep gullie, holes and deep pools displaying beautiful and dramatic shapes that soften out into flatter ledges, amass with bladder and kelp algaes. The pools were a murky turquoise green, stunning against the dark brown and purple algae where many dog fish egg cases - 'the mermaids purses' were entangled in their stalks.
Deep limestone troughs and gullies at Tiers Point, Gower

Fall Bay reef exposed

Kelp forest at Tier's point facing East

Looking out to Worm's Head fromTier's point
Edible Red crab before we put him back in his hole.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


The Gower Peninsula is just a ten minute walk from my studio on the edge of the Gower peninsula, South Wales. Born and raised so close to Gowers beautiful beaches and coastal walks  it features very prominently in all aspects of my work as a designer silversmith and in my spare time as a keen watersports enthusiast, nature lover and walker.
My whole family shares my passion for the sea. The whole of  Gower Coast hosts a wonderful variety of wildlife, sealife and marine plants to observe and enjoy.

In 1956 Gower was named as Britain's first area of outstanding natural beauty. One of my favourite paces is Worm's Head at Rhosili. A stunning walk out to the the headland of this most westerly point takes you over barnacle encrusted rocks, grassy banks and steep rock faces To the side of the path seals can be seen enjoying the comfort of seaweed cushioned rocks below and seabirds take refuge on the steep cliffs  facing north.
A translation of Rhosili into english suggests the local name of a stream flowing into the sands from Rhosili hill. Alternatively it could derive from the name Fili, a celtic saint of saint Cenydd's cottage.
Rhosili is rich with history, megalithic tombs and tales of smuggles. At the church of St. Mary the virgin stands the memorial to Edgar Evans who died with Scott in the Antarctic. The wind sept cottages of the village of Rhosili are scattered 200m feet above the dramatic cliff tops.
The vessel called the "Dollar ship" was wrecked in the bay in 1807 remembered famously for it's cargo of silver coins, some of which were uncovered by the tide and found by villagers. The coins were identified as Peruvian dollars of Phillip 4th, thought to be part of the dowry of a Princess Catherine of Braganza. Many ships sank at Rhosilli and at the other end of the bay at Broughton. In 1887 a vessel named the Helvetia, leaves it's skeleton today which is lodged and still exposed at the sands of Rhosili bay.

Silver sea anemone jewellery from U.K designer silversmith Pa-pa.

To view webpage visit www.pa-pa.co.uk/ANEMONE.CFM
My husband and I walked from Mewslade valley over to Fall Bay and out to Tiers Point yesterday in the sunshine.  On our way back accross the beach I took some photos of my new sea anemome collection of necklaces with a beautiful barnacle and seaweed encrusted rocks in the background. I thought I would share them with you. I have used a blood red garnet to reflect the colour of these jelly like jewels that cling to the rocks with their tentacles withdrawn at low tide. As the tide washes in the sea anemones open to display their flowing locks of stinging celled tentacles that hunt for their next meal.
The snakelock anemones are lovely display of mossy green and pinky purple tipped tentacles which tend to be longer. I have used aquamarine, pink tourmaline and garnet to celebrate this variety of sea anemone.

Silver sea anemone on silver ball chain £60
Pa-pa jewellery 2011

Silver barnacles garnets, turquoise and silver sea anemone necklace.